Planning 2015


It will not be long before we will make the trip to Poland. There we have decided as a dad for our next litter for Gordon Biale Szczęście. The mating of Hephzibah and Gordon is not an outcross mating, but we aimed that on several generations the same ancestors can not be found - an important aspect in terms of a healthy breed and a diverse and wide gene pool. We do hope that Gordon’s and Hephzibah’s complements benefits in an ideal way and we are very excited about the outcome of this beautiful mating. f your new family member, a puppy should be out of this litter, we look forward to an early contact! Of course, both parents are healthy. The results have proven that they have no eye disease, cardiovascular examinations were all clear and evaluation of the hips is HD A.

True love

Zonder uitzondering zijn al onze honden gek op onze kleindochter Aya. Het was liefde op het eerste gezicht vanaf het moment dat ze kennis met haar maakten. Dat geldt voor hen alledrie. Een foto van de eerste kennismaking met haar. Nu is Aya al 18 maanden en allang niet meer zo klein!

Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!


Al onze vrienden, familie en bekenden een heel gezond en gelukkig 2015. Dat al jullie wensen uit mogen komen!  Wij hopen ook op gezinsuitbreiding van onze witte familie en houden jullie uiteraard op de hoogte.

We wish all our friends, family and relatives a very healthy and happy New Year. May all your wishes come true! We also hope that our white family will expand with some lovely puppies in due time and keep you informed of course.

Zibah Nederlands Kampioen

On June 7, 2013 our Zibah became Dutch Champion. Also she was 3th in the group in the ring of honour. We are very proud at and happy with our sweet and playful girl!