Zibah Nederlands Kampioen

On June 7, 2013 our Zibah became Dutch Champion. Also she was 3th in the group in the ring of honour. We are very proud at and happy with our sweet and playful girl!


Wordt Zibah moeder?

Meanwhile Zibah is 32 months old. Patiently we are waiting for the right moment to mate her. We look very much forward and welcome her first litter maybe end of this year. Zibah is a very healthy girl and has a lively and open character. She always is in for games and fun. Her results are, free of hipdisplasia, free of hartdiseases and free of eyediseases. The partner we choose for her of course has the same results.

Zomaar een zondagmorgen!

Every day we go for walks. Sometimes here and then somewhere else, but this is definitely one of the favorite spots f or our dogs.

Puppies nu 8 weken.

In their short lives the puppies have experienced a lot. Visitors, other dogs, kindergarden, playing in the yard and lots of other things. The are developping to dogs with an open character. We hope they will all be very much at ease with their families who are waiting for them impatiently. Most of them have found a new home.