This last week the puppies grew really fast and we expect them to open their eyes this weekend. They also have names now, the males are named:
Jurek Wesoły, Janosik Szlachetny, Juhas Scyry, Jannick Wielki andJasny  Janioł.
The females: Jamiła Wiosna,  Jutrzenka Goralska, Jagodka Lesna and Jasna Arielka.

Our Polish Mountaindog puppies are now almost a week old and they are all great! The pigment comes through gradually. At first it looked as if she had put her nose into the ashtray but it darkens fast  now. They crawl quickly  through the whelpingbox in search of their mother when they are hungry and  the milk bar is busy. The statistics page shows that they grow very fast. An impression of the first week.


We look forward with anticipation to Zibah’s first litter which shall be born around the end of March. The pregnancy is confirmed by the vet today. The father of the litter is Gordon Biale Szczescie, a 5 year old male with an amazingy friendly and open character. Both Zibah ​​and Gordon are healthy, free of hereditary eye diseases, hipdislasia and the echocardiogram showed no abnormalities. We hope that  healthy and sweet Tatradogs will come into this world and that the puppies will unite the characteristics of both parents.

We will keep you informed through our newspageIf you would like more information, please contact us by phone or mail.