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    As soon as we are awake, they make a lot of noise telling us that they are fit to play. Then, at the same time they all rush into the kitchen to eat and hopp outside! There they play with toys their mother and Kochany. Daleka and Kochany occasional are chute. Oh what fun it is to slide from one side to the other. Also they enjoy it when children come around to hug and play with them.




    They can hear, they play and grow fast, up till this moment puppies are doing fine. Their expression changes and they are developping their own specific character. More pictures in the photo-album.


    They sleep in most peculiar ways. These two, brother and sister have “naked-tommy-parade” today. More decent pictures in the photo-album.


    It is February 21 and tomorrow the puppies will be 14 days old. They are weighed regular and it is incredible how fast they grow and change each day. What is really funny is, that when they drink with their mother and a brother or little sister tries to push amongst the litter, they growl a little.Their eyes are also open and gradually they distinguish the environment. When they are fast asleep, you sometimes hear them barking.


    10 days. How fast they change. More than 1 kg already. Pigmentation changes their expression completely. Soon they will notice the world around them.


    Daleka is enjoying her motherhood and she is very proud and fond of her puppies.


    Another day. Sleeping and eating is what the puppies do for the time being.


    Already it is February 10. Time flyes. Puppies gained about 70 gramms today. Also they can keep their temperature better. When it is too warm for them, they crawl beneath the edge of the box. This one takes a nap on his mothers leg!


    February 9. Things go better and better. Daleka sleeps a lot between feeding times, which is quite natural after having given birth. Puppies are fine.


    February 7 the puppies were born. The first was a male blue collar, 500 gr and the second one a female with the pink color and 470 gram. The next day, early in the morning 8 puppies in total were born.